Hi I'm Aisha.

I teach industry leaders and teachers how to show up as their most confident selves to make bold impacts in and out the classroom.


“People are still commenting on Mrs. Taylor's amazing presentation!” 


“If you’re in teacher or industry leader that involves dealing with people, this book is a great tool to use”.


“I love this shirt! 

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Meet Aisha Taylor M Ed.

Aisha Taylor is a confidence coach, author, dynamic speaker and highly-sought-after consultant. She is known for her uncanny ability to empower teachers and educational industry leaders to show up as their most confident selves, all while making a bold impact both in and out of the classroom.

Aisha built her coaching and consulting practice on the belief that boosting the confidence and “can-do” attitude of teachers and educational professionals has a rippling, positive effect on how students learn and grow both personally and academically. And the transformative results that educators and industry leaders achieve after working with her are proof of that belief.

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